I was born on the 25th of may, 1972.
 I’m married to my soulmate, the Wife of Might, and we have a Son of Power and a Daughter of Doom!
My main focus is writing songs, and my work generally starts with lyrics, since they’re the point of the song, to me. After this deep and inspired moment, giving the old drums some hell is a great reawakening!!

Musical history:

First hardrock song ever heard: ”Stargazer” by Rainbow.
First stereo: Philips mono! Did people buy a new mono before stereo came??
Other music up until 1981: The Kids, Zoo (both norwegian), Jon English
1982-1984: First drumset! –Tama Royal Star, 5 drums. Banana Airlines (norwegian funnyband). ”Rainbow in the dark” by Dio was the first heavy metal song I managed to recognize(!) since ”Stargazer”. Else, it just sounded like random sounds, and not very nice ones, either!! Then I noticed ”Rock you like a hurricane” by Scorpions. Small steps.
1985: I asked a friend if there weren’t a single hard rock band in the world that dressed like normal people. He mentioned Magnum. Why, in hindsight, one could ask... Immediately interested, but didn’t get to hear them this year. Norwegian act ”Creation” were the newest big thing. I started to notice that my mood improved considerably every time someone utilized keyboards, prominently placed in the musical soundscape. Intros with layers of cool sounds and other effects just fascinated me.
Favourite songs this year:
”There must be an angel” [Eurythmics] | ”The sun always shines on tv” [A-ha] | ”The neverending story” [Limahl]

It was in 1986 it all started. My interest in music, especially hard rock, exploded. And what a year to get hooked! Europe – ”The final countdown” (think about my keyboard intro fetish!), and Magnum – ”On a storytellers night” hit me square in the face. ”They are the victims of the night, ride against the wind…” I was blown completely away. I’d never thought anything could be as good! Else, I heard some Yngwie Malmsteen, but I didn’t buy anything just yet.
In 1987, however, I bought ”Trilogy”, and again I was starstruck. I’d not heard a note from the album, and I put it on, loud. When I heard the beginning of ”You don’t remember, I’ll never forget”, I couldn’t breathe!! And after I thought I’d heard it all, guitar-wise, he struck me with his lighting on the acoustic guitar towards the end of “Trilogy suite, Op:5”. I would never fully recover! This was my second CD, ever. The first was Cinderella – Night songs. Funny to think about that this was the first time I ever heard Tony Mills. He sings backing vocals on the album.
Favourite songs: “How far Jerusalem” [Magnum] | “When the world comes down” [Magnum] | “The final countdown” [Europe] | “Manhattan skyline” [A-ha] | “Nobodys fool” [Cinderella] | “Phoenix rising” [Phenomena] | “The spirit” [Magnum]

1988: I was now completely converted to the church of metal, and started to dig into the matter myself, not only trusting others to tell me what I should check out. The most important fruits of this development had to be Kingdom Come, Crimson Glory and King Diamond. There’s another moment I’ll never forget: ”Grandmaaaaa, welcome hoooome!” The insane dane has been a household name ever since. To cut this a bit short, as the foundation has been thouroughly laid, I’ll list a few milestones from 1988 and a few years on. I relate to when I bought or heard the stuff, not when it was released:
Crimson Glory – Transcendence | Magnum - Wings of heaven | Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Odyssey | Crimson Glory - Crimson glory | Kingdom Come - Kingdom come | King Diamond - "Them" | Europe - Out of this world | Honeymoon Suite - Racing after midnight | Helloween - Keeper of the seven keys, part II | House of Lords - House of lords | Giuffria - Silk+Steel | Alcatrazz - No parole from rock and roll | Vinnie Moore - Time odyssey | “What love can be” [Kingdom Come] | “Painted skies” [Crimson Glory] | “Wild swan” [Magnum] | “Valhalla” [Crimson Glory] | “Welcome home” [King Diamond]

1989: Bad English - Bad english | Marty Friedman - Dragons kiss | Jason Becker - Perpetual burn | Black Sabbath - Headless cross | Bonham - The disregard of timekeeping | China - Sign in the sky | Fifth Angel - Time will tell | “Ghost in your heart” [Bad English] | “Hiroshima mon amour” [Alcatrazz] | “Nightwing” [Black Sabbath] | “Forbidden city” [Marty Friedman] | “The silence” [Gamma Ray] | “The angel song” [Great White]

And that is where I come from.

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