New forum up!! Link on the index page...


It seems xsorbit are f**ked, once and for all. Rumours at speak tell me this place is wrong...

In other words: The forum is lost, including everything ever posted on it. There is nothing we can do about it.


XSorbit have got problems with many of their servers, and one of them is where our forum is at. We do not have any information about how long this will take to rectify, but in the mean time:


The album is finally out, and can be bought at our own webshop! You can also find it at and locally at Rema (Nordkjosbotn), Metro kiosk and Statoil (Storsteinnes).


The first review is online, and itís a 5,5 out of 6 stars at RockReport in Belgium!!
Check out all our reviews!


The new site is published, and we kick off with the following pieces of information:

* Shifting Sands is finished, and will be out on the 27th, this month! Watch this space for details in the near future!

* Our new label, WinterSongs, will be launched in time for the release of Shifting Sands! Link to the labelís site will be published when all systems go.

* We are working on a webshop that will also be launched in connection with the release of Shifting Sands, and there you can buy the album, t-shirts, posters... and what ever else our fans suggest we should offer.

Truly exciting times for all of us in the WinterStrain organization! Cheers!!

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