Music a band with a strong focus on melody and lyrics, because we believe a good song is the best reason to make music.

This music of ours may be hard to define.
Think Melodic Rock. Add some progressive elements and a few pounds of heavy metal. Picture a symphonic icing on top of it all, and you’ve got Arctic Prog!

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We had already laid down our arms in the Loudness War, by the time it got its name. We agree with the people who say that it is killing music. We are proudly publishing our old statement about extremely loud mastering, that was applauded by people hearing this little voice against all the noise, back in 2005:

“All the sounds are equally loud. There are no dynamics left. No life.
It hits you square in the face, yet it’s dead. It doesn’t breathe.”

We still stand behind these words, and we hope that you think we’re wise to make our new album loud, but far from as loud as possible. We thank Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart of M2 “Mad Hat’s Studio” for their professionalism and their musical approach in this matter. They respect the music.
Sadly, that seems to be rare in this day and age.


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