I was born the 21th of may 1973 in Trondheim, Norway´s third biggest city. I’m more a quiet person than a talker, though my soul and inner self are quite restless. My mother is from Denmark (Århus), therefore as a child, my family and I very often spent our vacations there. I guess that’s the reason why I’ve always loved travelling, seeing new countries and meeting new people. Denmark is my second home country and after living for a year in Bolivia, South America, I also think that a part of me always will remain with “los latinos”.
 I like doing work outs (jogging, weights, long walks) but I prefer outdoor activities in the wilderness of northern Norway. In the summer time, hiking is one of my favourites. In winter, with six to seven months with snow covering the landscape, of course skiing is the thing. Taking a trip in the cold days of February when the quicksilver shows 20 degrees below zero (Celcius), well honestly, it’s both charming and…healthy! (you should try it!)

My main interest is game hunt with pointing dogs (“my” race is the Brittany or I`Epagneul Breton). Training the dog to a hard working and helpful hunting companion is an amazing and fascinating effort. I know many persons are against killing innocent animals for joy of humanity, but it’s not what it’s about. It’s killing for a living, because how else should I survive the long cold winter?

For me the wind blowing, water running, birds singing and all other sounds of nature are very comparable to the satisfaction in good music. The silence in the mountains is just as enjoyable as a heavy guitar riff, like in the verses of “In your world”!

My best musical experience, after 18 years of waiting, was to see Rush live in concert, 29th of September 2004. It made it even better that I saw them together with Karl, my good friend and band mate, who`s also fanatic about Rush and their music. I have many musical influences, and as you sure already have figured out, Rush is my main inspiration. Before I started to play the bass I listened a lot to bands like Metallica, Queensrÿche, Helloween, Flotsam and Jetsam, Kiss (I still wonder what I saw in them except from fancy masks. They have one good album, though: “Destroyer”). Two Norwegian bands, DumDumBoys and De Lillos, also made an impact on me.

In the beginning of my bass career I liked technical bass players, and I still do, but the most important is that the bass lines are good and groovy (Geddy Lee...say no more!), and that the bass is in a very tight unit with the drums!

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