Born: Tromsø, January 1st 1973

Childhood years:
 Storsteinnes, Balsfjord (northern part of Norway)

Current habitat: Notodden

To my family - It’s so sad that distance makes family gatherings difficult. But I love you all!

A young man that had meant so much to me was gone
I reckon in youth you never expect death to visit your own
And when I think of you and your family pain comes to life
The pain of laugh, fun and life’s little joy’s that we shared
I’m proud to say that I have shared the stage with you Bjørn-Tore
And my thoughts goes to Bjørn-Tores family. Thank you for sharing him with us! Love you all!


In the fall of ’89 I was contacted by the drummer of one of the new and upcoming local bands: CLOSE RACE! A St.nes band who made their own songs and were inspired by bands like Rush, Magnum, Dream Theater and more progressive bands.

This was a new world to me, the music was much faster, harder and forced me up in pitch. But I have never turned down a challange and damn it if I was going to this time. A lot of hard work on my voice was the recepie. (Luckily working on vocals have never been a problem for me, as it’s something I always enjoyed doing. I guess I see it as my duty to perfom up to the limit of my ability every time I enter the stage.)

CLOSE RACE later changed name to WinterStrain, a band that is more alive today than then. With their own studio and an upcoming record, these musicans have tought me a great deal about music! LET’S MAKE ANOTHER!

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