I was born in 1972.

 I now live in Oslo.

 I work with economics and logistics in the pharmaceutical industry.

 I am married, we have 2 cats and my wife has 1 horse.

 So don't horse around!!!
 I started listening to bands like; Rush, Iron Maiden, DIO, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and many more. I am still a fanatic Rush fan. Going to the Rush concert together with Lars (Salman RUSHdie(hardfan)) in Globen in Stockholm on the 29th of September 2004, was one of my biggest musical experiences. Other bands I listen to now are; A.C.T, Arena, Ayreon, and so on. Initially, I wanted to play the bass, because Arnulf, who was one of my best friends (well, he still is....), played the guitar. But my grandfather told me; no no; you have to "play the organ". He wanted me to earn some extra money, playing in the church on Sundays and to funerals/weddings. So in 1988 (?) he invested in my first synth; Roland D10 Multitimbral Synthesizer. This was my first experience with an instrument. It was a lot of struggling and fumbling in the beginning, and it still is. But I am slowly improving year by year; when I am 60, I will sweep the floor with all known keyboard players, if I don't have rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers by then. These are the synths I have had; 1988-1992 Roland D10 1992-1996 Ensoniq VFX SD 1996-1998 Korg N264 1999-2002 Korg 01W/FD 2002-2004 Korg Trinity V3 2004-present Yamaha P-120 (Stage Piano) Korg Triton Extreme Currently I have only the Korg Triton Extreme, expanded with a MOSS card! That should give plenty of noises on the second album!! I am planning to invest in a new stage piano (Clavia Nord Stage). I mentioned above that seeing Rush live was one of my biggest musical experiences ever. The other biggest musical experiences are the live gigs we had in the early 90ties. Starting with our first concert ever, in Tromsų, where we received very good critics. And later when we were warm-up for big national bands, and in addition heard that we had done a better job than the headliners. In my spare time I like to; read books, listen to music, play music, movies, and being physically active (jogging, walking, enjoying the nature, and some other stuff not to be mentioned here), socialize, and more.

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