2nd album

Shifting Sands, The recording of another album:

Almost immediately after releasing “Return to the mirror”, WinterStrain started fiddling with the second album. Songs were chosen, written, recorded and developed. In reality, this process had already started when Rttm wasn’t even finished yet. The reason for this is that it’d been a while since the creative phase was over, and the urge to write and make something new took hold. While mixing the debut, thoughts about how the second album should be started to emerge.

The plan was to release the next album earlier in the year, and the way things were moving forwards for a while, it could look like a March 2007 release would be within reach. It wasn’t...

Proper recording started in the spring of 2006. All the usual issues arose, along with a few that professional bands never need to consider, and the delays started coming. And they kept on coming. But work in the studio got on at the speed we could manage, inspiration boosted by the big difference: This time, people out there waited for the album to come out. Outside of personal friends and family, nobody waited for Return to the mirror. In that respect, it was a lot less lonely to produce Shifting sands.

WinterSongs, The founding of another label:

Story to be told in the near future...

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