1st album

WinterStudios, The recording of an album:

A few words to describe the period from may 2001, when WinterStudios was ready for kick-off, and to february 2002, when a brand new, custom made computer was the solution (put off for the longest time because it was EXPENSIVE!!!): Trouble, sorrow, problems, anger, confusion, deleting takes, deleting songs, upgrading drivers, trying different cards, moving cards around in the machine, hating every minute, looking longingly at a box of matches...

As indicated, the real recording didn’t start until february 2002. Karl still lives in Oslo, Arnulf still in Tromsø, Fredheim still in Notodden (where he has a band with Emperor’s drummer, Trym), while Lars has moved to Finnsnes, so he’s only 70km away now, instead of 13000km. Not two of us lives anywhere near each other, so it takes a while, recording an album. As of this date, the 10. of may 2004, we have yet to mix it. All recording is done, so we’ve very nearly made it! The rest is up to the future.

27. of september, 2004: We have finished mixing the album, and Lars only lives 25km away from our base. Weird. Both.

Z Records, The release of an album:

The 21st of November 2005: Z Records released the first WinterStrain album, “Return to the mirror” worldwide. From the looks of things, the album has made an impact on the progressive rock community out there. Rave reviews and many new fans making noise on the WinterStrain forum tells us the dream is coming true! The release also sent us back up on the stage for the first time in 14 years!! We did our “Return to the Stage” at Werner’s near our home town in January. In the last hours of March, we played at “Arno” in Notodden, and did our international debut gig at the “Limelight”, a music pub in Crewe, England. The occasion was “Z Rock 06”, a one day festival thrown by our record label.


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